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Ultimate Juggler: MOM

Everyone is adapting. Small business, large business, everything in between, and the family. Every arena of life is impacted. And at the heart of the family is the ultimate juggler: MOM

When she didn't think she could do another thing, she is in fact doing another thing.

I have a friend who is a principal, a mother, a wife, and a homeowner. As you know, these things are just the tip of the iceberg of who she is. Her life, and yours, encompasses so much more than that.

She must now navigate learning and teaching her staff this new platform of teaching, as well as be mom and teacher to her young child. This is one example, but you know many more.

How will she do it? Where will she find space to be her best self?

We don't know. But she will, and you will, discover possibilities and solutions beyond your imagination.

Every day is an opportunity to extend our love by word and deed. But this Mother's Day, I hope you will reciprocate her goodness and sacrifice, with your very own.

Explore gift ideas from my DEAR MAMA line on my Etsy store (or another gift that resonates with you), or offer another gesture that says, "Mom, thank you; I love you."

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