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Hi, I'm Joni. I love to manage people and projects, access resources, while paying close attention to detail, to meet deadlines. In September of 2019, Juggle Source LLC was born.

Some of my skills come naturally to me, and some are born out of a life, where the hours are usually fewer than the demands. That beautiful demanding life has gifted me with skills that I can now transfer to you. 


Welcome to my Juggle Source! 


Juggle Source helps its clients adapt to the ever changing events and circumstances in their lives. Juggle Source is proactive and assesses its clients’ needs to form the best strategies for a smooth execution of tasks and projects. Juggle Source is the partner you want in your life.



Full letters available upon request.

On Adaptability: “...she demonstrated a high level of expertise…”


On Processes: “...Joni was able to put effective systems in place for the whole school that smoothed out communication, attendance, budgeting, and special events…”


On Planning: “She has a keen eye for detail and the ability to plan a process at the beginning to get in front of potential barriers.”


On Flexibility: “Joni could respond in a calm and thoughtful way that supported staff or students during a crisis.”


On Resourcefulness: “...Joni is also fluent in connecting with community resources…”


On Leadership: “Those that work with Joni know she elevates any team she is on.”


“She is reflective and holds a growth mindset, and consistently learning and making adjustments based on setbacks or successes. “


On Communication: “Her written and verbal communication skills are excellent.”


On Dependability: “She has a strong work ethic, organization skills, time management and follow through.”

On Service: “We hired Joni to set up, work, and tear down our premier customer appreciation event. It was one of the best decisions we made for the event. Her ideas, initiative and work ethic made sure everything went flawlessly. We were ready before people began showing up, handled the crowds effortlessly and got out of the venue well ahead of our deadline. We look forward to hiring her for the next one!”

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