Customer Expense Management

Retainer Package Customers

Expense management will be discussed with customer prior to each signed agreement. Customers may provide their credit card to Juggle Source for use. If Juggle Source does not use a customer credit card, Juggle Source will invoice the customer at the end of the month for expenses, up to $300.00, and require payment upon receipt of invoice. For expenses more than $300, Juggle Source will require immediate reimbursement.

Quote Package Customers

Expense management will be included in the quote and agreed upon before the project begins.


Mileage is included in Retainer Packages up to 15 miles per hour purchased. Juggle                    Source will charge 55 cents per mile over the package total.

       EXAMPLE - Hillary Johnson purchased 3 hours, which includes 45 miles in her package. If               Juggle Source travels 75 miles, an additional 30 miles is charged.

Mileage will be discussed beforehand and included in Quote Packages.

Mileage is included in Hourly rates up to 15 miles.

       Note: Mileage begins from JS office.

Cancellations and Termination

  • Either party may terminate this agreement upon 72 hours notice to the other party. Notice requires acknowledgement between both parties, either by email, phone, or text. Services rendered and expenses incurred will be invoiced. Services not completed or fulfilled will be invoiced at the cancellation fee of $25/hr of the remaining time outlined in the Agreement. Expenses incurred on behalf of the customer will be invoiced at full cost. All invoices are due upon receipt.

  • Cancellation of a project or Agreement received by Juggle Source less than 72 hours will be charged at full price of the Agreement.

  • Each party may terminate the Agreement immediately without prior notice in the event of a breach of this Agreement by the other party (see Confidentiality section). Upon termination, Juggle Source shall invoice the client for any payment due, and payment will be due upon receipt.

  • Attorney Fees: In the event of a dispute between parties, the prevailing party is entitled to recover attorney fees and costs.


  • Due to the intimate proximity Juggle Source will have to its customers, Juggle Source enters into an agreement of confidentiality and trust, which is expected to be mutual between Juggle Source and its customers. At no time will Juggle Source share information of any kind with any entity, without the consent of the customer. 

        For example:                           

  • Juggle Source may use a credit card to purchase gifts for a client. 
  • Juggle Source may not divulge any information about the gift, the client, or the recipient.

  • Juggle Source may not divulge any knowledge of family information to any entity.

Schedule Negotiating

Due to the nature of the service, there will be times when scheduling conflicts arise.

For example:

Joni is attending a wedding on August 15th, and scheduled for a Day of Wedding Coordinator job on August 29th. Joni will communicate that she is unavailable on              those dates for other fixed time tasks.

Juggle Source will partner with clients to best serve them and their needs.