Service Plans

Three different service plans are available. See below.


Retainer Package: A client will purchase a set number of hours per month. There is a minimum of 3 hours per month for retainer packages.

  • Retainer Package hours do not roll over. Retainer Package hours are good for the month they are purchased.

  • Retainer Packages can be a combination of fixed and non fixed prices.



Mary Johnson purchases 6 hours for the month of January. Mary contacts Joni and they decide how Joni can best help. It could be decided that JS will pull sheets from beds on a given day, and begin laundry. Joni may also purchase groceries, put them away, and transport child to practice on a given day. She may also be asked to address envelopes for fundraising event Mary will host in two months, and purchase tickets to the Maroon 5 concert for next August. 


Quoted Project: Juggle Source will provide a quote for a specific project. The project will proceed according to the price and conditions agreed upon between Juggle Source and the client. 



Joni might plan a birthday party for Mary’s five year old son. Joni might also be a travel companion for Mary’s five year old son when he travels to Boston to visit his cousin who has the same birthday.

Johnson & Bates needs extra help during their all company meeting, and then at their special event for their customer. Juggle Source is able to answer phones back at the main office, help with catering services or assist at the special event.


Hourly: Juggle Source will provide hourly services when available.


EXAMPLES: Pick child up from a friend’s party, pick up mail that requires a signature, wait at customer’s house for the cable repairman.


*Some services qualify for both a quoted project and an hourly plan. Juggle Source and client will negotiate which is best for the unique job.

Price Options

Non-Fixed Time: $35/hour

  • Non-Fixed Time is tasks or assignments that may or may not have a deadline, and are able to be completed within a flexible time frame.

  • Non-Fixed tasks and completion dates will be communicated and agreed upon between Juggle Source and client.

       EXAMPLESplanting pots for front porch, purchasing gifts for relatives, grocery shopping, address Christmas envelopes.​

Fixed Time: $50/hour

  • Fixed time is tasks that are fixed appointments or assignments.

       EXAMPLES: Dog grooming, vet appointment, child tutoring appointment, airport pick up.


NOTE: An appointment that precludes another appointment from being scheduled before and after a given appointment qualifies for Fixed Time.

Hourly: Hourly rates will vary according to Juggle Source’s ability to be flexible and with consideration to other client needs.


Customer Expense Management: See tab under POLICIES

Special Pricing

Juggle Source offers a 10% discount for 3 month plan memberships and when payment is made at the beginning of each month.

Payment Methods and Policies

Retainer Packages require half down with the balance due upon receipt of final invoice.

Quoted Projects are billed when the project is completed. If a project is more than one month, the customer will be invoiced and asked to pay for time spent within each 30 day period. The balance is due upon receipt of invoice.

- Check, cash, and Venmo. Credit card options coming soon -