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Service Plans

Three different service plans are available. See below.


Retainer Package: A client will purchase a set number of hours.



Mary Johnson purchases 20 hours. Mary contacts Joni and they decide how Joni can best help. It could be decided that Joni will pull sheets from beds on a given day, and begin laundry. Joni may also purchase groceries and put them away. Mary may ask Joni to assist in the planning of an upcoming event, address envelopes for an upcoming fundraiser, purchase tickets to the Wicked musical next August, and locate a hotel for her daughter’s softball tournament in Spokane.


Quoted Project: Juggle Source will provide a quote for a specific project. The project will proceed according to the price and conditions agreed upon between Juggle Source and the client. 



Joni might plan a birthday party for Mary’s five year old son. 

Johnson & Bates needs extra help during their all company meeting, and then at their special event for their customer. Juggle Source is able to answer phones back at the main office, help with catering services or assist at the special event.

Hourly:  Juggle Source will provide hourly services when available.


Pick up mail that requires a signature, wait at customer’s house for the cable repairman.

*Some services qualify for a quoted project and an hourly plan. Juggle Source and client will negotiate which is best for the unique job.

Hourly services rates are $50/hr. There is a 1 hour minimum charge.


*Some services qualify for both a quoted project and an hourly plan. Juggle Source and client will negotiate which is best for the unique job.

Price Variations

Hourly Rate: $50/hour​

Note: Juggle Source offers a discount when a 20 hours or more retainer package is purchased and paid in advance.

Travel Rate: $400 minimum daily rate. Away jobs and rates will be negotiated with the client in advance.

Sundays: Juggle Source typically doesn't work on Sundays. However, if it is decided that JS will work on a Sunday, there will be an additional fee determined with the client. Typically there will be an additional 30% charge. If a client is on retainer and requires Sunday services, one hour will typically be assigned to the retainer, depending on the service that is provided. This will be discussed in advance with the client.

Holidays - which include: Christmas eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Halloween Evening.  The same plan for Sundays applies to holidays.


Fifteen minutes of free traffic time is included per trip to a client’s house. $10 is charged over fifteen minutes, up to one half hour. Client and I will discuss mileage and time costs if a location is more than one half hour away.


EXAMPLE - If it takes 17 minutes or 30 minutes to get to a client’s house, JS charges $10. The same applies to the return home, so RT travel fee is then $20.00. If it takes 15 minutes or less, there is no charge.

Travel time and mileage for errands and other tasks is simply applied to the amount of time being used on behalf of the client.


Invoicing Mileage:

For retainer packages when the number of trips to a client’s home is unknown, mileage is invoiced after the hours have been completed on the retainer.


For retainer packages when the number of trips to a client is predetermined, mileage is invoiced with the retainer, however extra or longer trips to a client’s location will be invoiced at the end of the project (and always discussed with the client).

Note: Mileage begins from JS office, or from JS location if last minute requests are made.


Customer Expense Management: See tab under POLICIES

Payment Methods and Policies

Retainer Packages under 20 hours require ½ down with the balance due upon receipt of final invoice, except for promotions that require full payment in advance.

Quoted Projects Projects require ½ payment at the beginning of the project, with the balance paid at completion of the project. If a project is more than one month, the customer will be invoiced and asked to pay for time spent within each 30 day period. The balance will be due upon receipt of invoice.

Payments: Check, cash, Venmo, and Zelle are accepted.

Gift Certificates

To purchase a Gift Certificate follow these steps:

1. Fill out the contact form (CLICK HERE): CONTACT FORM page. Send me a message, and I will arrange for your Gift Certificate!


Contact me via phone: 503-313-3921.

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