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I love the sound of that. "I'm with Juggle Source." When recently speaking with a property management rep on the phone, I experienced Juggle Source being taken seriously.

If you haven't followed my journey, you assume that I am an established business that you have just discovered. Yea! Good news for this small upcoming business!

But if you have followed my journey, you know that Juggle Source is young.

So, when the property management rep asked what company I was with (I should have identified myself first thing!), I recognized a sense of legitimacy that is becoming familiar. Juggle Source is making things happen for my customers and for its reputation.

What has been happening these last few weeks?

  • Assisting with paperwork organization

  • Organizing a laundry room

  • Assisting with garage clean up

  • Assisting with wardrobe purging

  • Managing the upkeep of a yard

  • Assisting with garden bed makeovers - picking out rocks at Oregon Decorative Rock was super fun.

  • Researching rental property for a client who just sold her house

  • Selling and managing items on Craigslist: A car and Chaco sandals... yes, a car!

  • Preparing a meal (spontaneously... more to that story!)

  • Assisting a client with an emergency medical issue (I just happened to be there)

While Juggle Source is in its infancy, I am not. Years of juggling this thing and that has equipped me to be "A Partner in Your Busy Life." Contact me to discuss how I can help make things happen for you!

*note: no pics for many of these things because of client confidentiality

**note: I have a low exposure to COVID risk and follow CDC Recommendations to the best of my ability.


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