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Travel Arrangements

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Accessing and Vetting Resources


Event Assistance

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Travel Arrangements

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Q How far do you travel for an event?

A Mileage

  • Mileage is included in Retainer Packages up to 15 minutes of free traffic time per TO AND FROM CLIENT'S LOCATION per hour purchased. (in other words, up to 30 minutes round trip), within the Portland city limits. Juggle Source will charge $10 per 1/2 hour (and under) after the 15 minutes of traffic time is spent.

  • EXAMPLE - Hillary Johnson purchased 3 hours, which gives Hillary 1.5 hours of free traffic time. It takes JS 40 minutes on day one to get to Hillary's house, and 30 minutes to return home. Hillary will be charged $20 for that trip.

  • When a location is more than an extra 1/2 hour away, the clock begins again.

  • ​Mileage will be discussed beforehand and included in quote packages.

  •  Note: Mileage begins from JS office, or from JS location if last minute requests are made.

Out of Town Travel:

Out of town travel will be discussed with a client in advance. Most days will be approximately $400/per day, but this will depend on the location, etc.


Q What kinds of things can I ask Juggle Source to do?

A Juggle Source partners with its clients and will communicate client needs via text, phone, and email. We will work together where        the customer identifies the gaps and where Juggle Source is able to fill the need. See examples above of the various tasks                      and projects we can provide.

Q What happens if I have to cancel? Will there be a cancellation fee?

A Cancellations and Termination

  • Either party may terminate this agreement upon 72 hours notice to the other party. Notice requires acknowledgement between both parties, either by email, phone, or text. Services rendered and expenses incurred will be invoiced. Services not completed or fulfilled will be invoiced at the cancellation fee of $25/hr of the remaining time outlined in the Agreement. Expenses incurred on behalf of the customer will be invoiced at full cost. All invoices are due upon receipt.

  • Cancellation of a project or Agreement received by Juggle Source less than 72 hours will be charged at full price of the Agreement.

  • Each party may terminate the Agreement immediately without prior notice in the event of a breach of this Agreement by the other party (see Confidentiality section). Upon termination, Juggle Source shall invoice the client for any payment due, and payment will be due upon receipt.

Q What if I just need you to run a quick errand?

A Absolutely, let us help! Availability will be dependent on current projects previously scheduled.

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