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To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow

Audrey Hepburn

Juggle Source days have been filled with organizing, painting, and guess what? More work in the yard! Cultivating something whose wellness depends on the basic elements of sun, water, and soil reminds me of how complex we humans have made our lives.

If we could dedicate ourselves to the basic elements of love, and take care to remove pride when it begins to encroach into our space, our purpose will have a chance to emerge like that of a Mountain Laurel, or the delicate but sturdy blossoms of a star creeper.

I am grumpy about wearing a mask. But as I walked down the aisles of greens and yellows and pinks and trees and succulents and grasses, my mask irritated me less. I was distracted from COVID and the weight of civil unrest left me for a few hours. I was impressed that while most of the world paused and waited for the green light, Farmington Gardens had been tending to their greenhouse, waiting to share nature's bounty in all its (and their) glory.

No finished photo yet. The Oregon downpours and grey clouds weren't great backdrops for my amateur photography (sorry, iPhone), but I can't wait to see how well the refreshed flower beds show off when that sun comes out!


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