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Space in Our Home, Is Space in Our Heart

"Joni is a godsend! She came over to my house and helped me rearrange and declutter my living room space. The goal was for it to be not only kid friendly, but a space for adults to enjoy. The project is still a work in progress, but in about an hour she tackled a lot! Joni helped make what seemed to be an overwhelming project less daunting for me."

I can relate to Heidi's sentiment. Just because I'm able to help her, doesn't mean I don't know the same feeling of being overwhelmed at the tasks that surround me, often in my own physical space. I've learned to manage this in such a way so I can take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Often those opportunities are great ideas that form in my head. If there's no space in my home to move, often there's no space in my head, and even in my heart, to move forward to the next good thing that awaits me.

If you can relate, consider the first step of getting over that initial obstacle that is preventing you from moving forward. I'd love to help open up some opportunities by making space in your home, your head, and your heart.


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