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Reducing Your Exposure to Risk

About a month into our sequestered lives, we are becoming a tad more comfortable with our sincere effort to protect ourselves and those around us.

We are acquainting ourselves with the best hygiene practices and I think more and more people are accepting that we must sacrifice convenience for the sake of everyone's health.

Gone are the days where we run to the store for the last minute ingredient for dinner. We don't drop by Trader Joe's for a $1 greeting card and flowers to drop at friend's front porch. Never mind happy hours, running out for Take Out, or manicures.

No, right now, life is measured. We calculate our activity against what is essential. We assess our risk exposure. Where will we go, who will we see, and how will we maneuver ourselves among other people to reduce our contact with the invisible Coronavirus? Grocery store visits and dining out are replaced with deliveries to our door, like never before.

I think I can help, by reducing your exposure to risk. My personal exposure variables are limited. For that reason, I believe I can provide comfort and service to you in this environment of the unknown.

I will be a known component in your world. If you would like to talk about how I can help you with your errands and tasks, contact me so we can discuss:

  • My risk exposure compared to other people

  • Your unique needs (errands and tasks)

  • Pricing specifically for you

  • How we will implement best hygiene practices

I look forward to helping you!


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