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Property Care

Photo by Frankie Valentine on Unsplash

Keeping up on one's home often seems like a "want to," until it becomes a "have to." In our primary home, the imperfections become familiar. Without giving it a second thought, we pass by the chipped baseboards or that gouge in the drywall on our way to the coffee pot. Then one day we commit to hosting a baby shower and the in-laws have accepted our offer to stay at our house for a couple of days. Now it seems our home screams at us to pay attention, glaring every time we pass by. Depending on your temperament, you decide if this is a "want to," or a "have to." For many people, it becomes an "Oh my gosh. why haven't we fixed these things?!"

Or maybe you rent out a second home in a competitive tourist market, and it's looking tired and dated. You want to maintain its rentability, and when you are there, you want to relax, instead of reminded of the work on which you're falling behind. So, you hire me to give it the refresh that it needs.

That's the job I just got. This particular home is at the beach, and I'm so looking forward to the project. I get to step out of the norm, and help my client who has had this project on the back burner for a couple of years. This will be a combination of me specifically doing the work, and me managing resources to get it done. We'll partner to achieve my client's goals, freeing up the family for other things, and checking this off the list.

Do you have property that needs to be refreshed? Do you have imperfections glaring when you pass by? I'd love to help you resolve that. Message me on my contact form to see how I can help you remove that task off your list!


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