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"It Will Be There Tomorrow"

Isn't that what people say?

Those have never been words of comfort to me. "It" being there tomorrow is exactly the opposite of what I want for tomorrow. And I'll bet, given the choice, that's also true for you.

Add the unexpected, and life can unravel quickly.

I've had the privilege of working for my current client whose life got away from her when the unexpected occurred.

She's requested that our work together remain private, but she was happy to write a testimonial for me.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. A favorite verse in the bible reads: "Two are better than one." This life challenges us. Our American culture is increasingly busy, and our current pandemic and civil unrest contribute to a lack of peace.

Contact me if you could use some extra hands. Maybe a four-hour retainer is what you need to give you some breathing room, a little peace, and some clarity. I'd like to be "A Partner in Your Busy Life."

My client's full testimonial is below. It feels a little like self-promoting, but I know that referrals are crucial to letting the unknown into your life, and I'm grateful for my clients who will refer me.

"Working with owner and caring proprietor of Juggle Source -Joni has been lifegiving. I have had many personal struggles in it but unable to complete a project within my home whether it be paperwork, painting, gardening, or keeping up with my general life organization needs. In the last month I have been able to work with Joni in several areas of my home life. At the end of each working time I find that I’ve been more excited about my life, I have more hope about my future and I don’t beat myself up so much. This is because I’m finally able to complete my home goals, the uplifting spirit beautiful smile and kindness that Joni offers when she comes to work with me. She is honest, direct in her communication, offering a different point of view to accomplish a task. She is always respectful that it is my home that needs to work for me, therefore when she offers her suggestions she allows the freedom to collaborate, discuss and work towards a goal that works for me and those in my family. After my past three years of medical complications and financial stress, working with Joni, I am more at peace. Joni has been a Godsend and a blessing to my future."


Thank you to Konstantinos-Karasante from Unsplash for the clean photo image, and to Robert Bye for the messy desk photo.


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