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It's Like Having a Second Me

This title is exactly why I started Juggle Source. With the skills and experiences I've learned over the last few decades, I get to help people, the way I'd like to be helped. Below is a testimonial from my friend who has employed me to partner with her as she juggles all the things in her personal life and within her business.


"Because I’ve known Joni for years and have witnessed her talent and energy, I was thrilled when she started her new business, JuggleSource LLC.   I’m one of those folks who has more projects and to dos than I can handle, so it was a natural to turn to Joni for assistance.  What I’ve found to be especially valuable is that Joni can help with a very wide range of things. In that way, it’s been great because it’s like having a second me.  What she has taken on ranges from the most mundane and tedious to creative problem solving.  And, I have found she handles it all with unwavering commitment and attention to detail.  Joni is a strong communicator, creative and reliable.  I have enjoyed the sense of relief that I get knowing the work I can’t seem to get to is in good hands. I will continue to engage her as new projects come up."



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