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A Little Time for You

Everyone perceives ME time differently. ME time might be a girl's weekend. Or it could be a massage or a pedicure. Maybe it's music and setting aside time to read, or write. Another person might think that Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi in the shower is "mi" time.

I don't know where that came from. Forgive me.

For moms with young children, ME time is practically non-existent right now. Every home is unique, but whatever the scenario, mom duties have quadrupled. Unimaginable feats of skill and creativity are required, in the hopes of being clothed in love and patience... even more skill and creativity necessary!

I think I've mentioned moms in my last couple of posts, because I can't stop thinking about them. Years after I was a mom of two young children, I wonder how I would have juggled my family's needs that required me to also home school. A friend of mine has dubbed the new education methods, not remote learning, but "emergency" learning. That seems about right.

This t-shirt I designed reflects my thoughts around homeschooling. You can find it on my Etsy site. Click in the picture for immediate access.

So, yes I have an affinity for moms right now. There is very little escape from the intensity of motherhood.

If I were a mom during this current Covid crisis, I'd be relieved if my husband handed me a gift certificate on Mother's Day and said, "Honey, this is a little time for you." Whether I used it now, or once things relax, knowing I had some time in the bank would make me happy, right next to the breakfast, lunch, and dinner, my family made and cleaned up.

Juggle Source is using CDC Recommendations, and my exposure to risk is much less than the average person.

Connect with me via the contact page on this website to request a gift certificate for the mom in your life.


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