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Partnering and Purpose

I think lilacs on a rainy April day qualify for a Juggle Source task. Sometimes lifting one's spirit is the best way to partner with them. And thank you to my neighbors whose tree falls over into my yard. Of course, one of these is for them.

And of course I wouldn't charge for this task! This task means as much to me as it might to the recipient. This task is for the heart that is aching for attention. The heart that is interrupted by the demands of necessity, and left dangling, until someone or some thing provides just a small step stool, or a hand to step into, that will bring it closer to its baseline level. Whose lives have more purpose than any one person deserves. Where little hands tug on their night shirt, demanding a story, a playdate that cannot happen, and a trip to the potty. In the background, a Zoom work meeting simmers, waiting for your contribution. Just as you thought a sliver of time presents itself, it's time for a Zoom with the first grade class.

It doesn't take much for me to imagine the strength and resiliency necessary for working parents to manage a family and their own self care in this current environment. Their over abundance of purpose is what drives my purpose. Flowers on a rainy April day, planning furniture and decor for a family room, or cleaning your bathroom have the same thing in common: partnering with you.


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