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Juggling Life in a Coronavirus World

Juggling life is what Juggle Source is all about.

See these designs and others on my Etsy Store at JoniTDesigns


Hiring out for extra help is problematic right now. People wonder how close they can stand to one another, and if they'll receive a paycheck in time to pay their next mortgage. If they can afford extra help, most of us are in lockdown mentality, in an effort to honor the well being of those around us. So, Juggle Source is in a sort of hiatus, like most of you.

Having said that however, I am happy to offer my services free of charge for people who need help managing their day to day life. For a person who can't manage their home, I consider mowing the lawn or pulling weeds a valuable task. It's important that our homes are kept up. If you're down about other things in your life, having a tidy yard can be a breath of fresh air amidst clouds of oppression.

Whether I'm helping you or not, I need to generate income, so I've employed creativity and stepped up activity on my Etsy store at JoniTDesigns.

I invite you to take a look at my Etsy store, and if something resonates with you, add it to your cart! In this forced time of pause, I hope you're able to reflect, refuel, refresh, and renew (see my shirt below)!

Juggle Source is still here and hoping to be a partner in your busy life. Whether it's today, tomorrow, or the next day, here's to hope and faith. They're going to get us to the other side, where there's a whole new view waiting to be seen and experienced.


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